Three Simple (and powerful) Design Hacks

Yes, we all love "hacks" and the design industry has lost of them, here I will show you three simple design hacks:

  1. Color: choose your colors scheme or colors story, bases on the season you will be able to narrow down the options, for instance, if you are working on some fall designs stay with soft warm colors, yes is that simple.
  2. Size: Yes the size matters (a lot) it all depends if you are working on a design that will be made on a T-Shirt, Dress or Skits if you start designing without knowing the size you are "doing it" wrong, so size does matter.
  3. Be Topic: It is a floral, abstract, words (sayings), ask your customer or salesperson they know (or should know) what is hot out there (or what is salable) remember that they talk with the vendor every day so you have to trust on what they know, and do your best (creatively speaking) to feed their market.