How to find your niche

Hello Guys

Have you ever ask if you are working and serving your "real" niche?

I had been in that situation, and I know it is kind of overwhelming, this a common situation that most professionals face it at the beginning of their career. In my case wasn't different, and I want to share with you three signs that show you if you are working on your niche.

  1. The job that you do makes you feel that you are enjoying what you deliver and most important is something your (boss) customers ask you to do more.
  2. You are getting the most rewards (money) out that task.
  3. It is something that you do fast, accurate and generates great value in that niche.

Hope this information helps you to find out if you are working on your "real" niche, even this a huge topic those are some points that helped me to know that I was working on the correct niche for me.