5 tiny hacks that will help you to do more designs

  1. Choose a color scheme
  2. Size of the design
  3. Theme-Topic
  4. Technique
  5. Have fun!

1) Just keep it simple a good source to get a color scheme just go outside and see what mother nature has to offer you, like this beautiful flowers, see now you have your color scheme:

2 ) In regards the size, yes it is important to define the size since the very beginning, this way your will be speed up the creative process and most important towards production.

3) The theme or topics comes after choosing the colors and size, for instance after getting the color combination your topic could be developing a pattern design to be Printed on a dress or skirt

4) Choose a popular technique like the one is "hot" at the moment you are designing.

5) HAVE FUN! yes that's so important, the more you get fun the better you will develop that DESIGN.